Alarm systems are the traditional measure of security for both private and commercial buildings. While they have been used for many years there is still the assumption that these systems are used mainly for occupied properties and that they must be permanent.

Securing your vacant property

Vacant properties also have a requirement for alarm systems. Whether the buildings are unused or under renovation, alarms systems are important for both landlords and property owners including those under renovation or refurbishment.

For buildings that are being renovated , SPS offers short-term alarm solutions to secure your property out with working hours and this is managed from our Alarm Receiving Centre which is staffed 24/7.

Insurance compliant Systems

Compliance with your insurance policy is essential for any property owner , not only do our systems meet the level of compliance required they also provide the data that SPS can share to support you and any potential claim.












Managing your alarm system

Temporary Alarms systems are an effective and popular measure for vacant properties, not only for vandalism and intrusion but also for weather damage. The SPS Multi-Purpose Alarm has over 48 sensors, including flood, smoke and door and window sensors.  Our team install alarms quickly and efficiently with minimal to no disruption to the property, with our 24-hour ARC managing the systems remotely.









We also offer maintenance on all products and services, should you require repairs or replacements.










Tailored for your property

Not only do alarm systems secure your property, they are often an insurance requirement for vacant properties, as are property inspections, which may also reduce intrusions, vandalism or damage. SPS offer property inspections before and after installation with a service tailored to your building and specific requirements.

Stopping the thieves before they even start

This week our alarms systems detected an open gate at a property in Coventry. After a call to the property manager along with images, the customer was able to confirm that there was a delivery underway and verified the people on the footage.












For more information on our alarm systems and property inspections, call SPS on 08457 62 65 42.

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