Sun Dial

Daylight Saving Time is approaching and the clocks go forward this coming weekend, this prompted us to think about what longer daylight hours and lighter evenings mean for your security arrangements.

While the nights may become lighter, the requirement for efficient security measures does not. In the past, we have suggested that you evaluate and consider the security of your property thoroughly in the winter months, but this is not to say that the importance of protecting your home, loved ones and belongings lessens as we move into spring and onto summer.

In fact, with lighter evenings and generally better weather, there is a reasonable argument that suggests properties become less secure than they are over the winter.  We open windows to allow the fresh spring air to circulate, we leave doors open as we move freely from inside to out, and naturally we are a bit more relaxed.

It is also the time when a large proportion of us begin to take holidays, leaving your properties particularly vulnerable.

There is a popular myth that most crimes take place under the cover of darkness, therefore we feel more secure because we have longer daylight hours.  This assumption is wrong; thieves operate 24/7, 365 days a year.  And just like the rest of us, they are probably happier to be going about their business in better weather – day or night!

These considerations don’t apply only to domestic properties, or even just the occupied properties.  Lighter nights mean people are out and about much more; so unwanted intrusions into void properties are all too familiar.  Perhaps the reason for this is simply because there are more people looking for something to do, or somewhere to ‘hang out’.

So, just as the clocks moving forward defines the start of spring, it should also serve as a trigger to remind you that vigilance is needed all year round.

It is also worth remembering to change all of your clocks, including any that are controlling timers for equipment or appliances used in your property.

At SPS, we don’t want to be the prophets of doom at a time of year when moods are lifted and people are planning for the summer ahead.  However, with over 23 years experience in property security we’ve seen it all before, and we hope the benefit of our experience helps you to truly experience the joys of spring.

Finally, we hope you all have a happy Easter with your family and friends.

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