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Every property requires security. You can’t get home insurance without taking some form of security to protect your property.

Security is even more important  as the seasons change and we experience darker, colder weather.

Each property has different requirements and security measures should be tailored to meet the needs of the business, the property or the person.

For over 25 years, SPS, Specialist Property Services, has been providing security advice, solutions products and response on all types of properties.  Everything from large commercial sites, such as Concorde Business Park, in Manchester, to void Social Housing properties throughout London and large residential portfolios throughout Scotland and Northern England.

Security Projects

f19da421-1509-4f7f-a5a1-0ba3939c6656Our SPS specialist teams will manage specific security projects from disaster management prevention and recovery, to surveillance and swoop operations working with the various authorities, as required.

Our building projects require SPS security through the different phases of construction, and we are there, every step of the way.

Office buildings/shared accommodation

Properties like these require various security measures but securing entry points is extremely important. SPS communal doors are not only secure but can improve the appearance of the building. Installing intercom and CCTV systems can increase security of homes and offices and improve your customer experience for your business  when welcoming guests/clients



CCTV should also be considered for your home, where valuable belongings are kept and cars are parked, to reduce the chance of a break-in.

SPS are experts in providing CCTV services to suit a budget, ensuring that your home is monitored remotely when you can’t.

 Vacant Properties

As a minimum insurance requirement properties require an inspection, removal of combustible waste and usually SPS steel security to the ground floor. Our own teams attend, inspect, clear and secure same day of instruction, UK wide.

Preventing break-ins and detecting intruders is possible with our range of SPS CCTV battery operated alarms, perfect for void properties. All systems are installed and monitored by our own personnel. Fire & floor detection comes as standard.

Our instant job confirmations and invoicing means everything is completed as soon as the operatives leave site.

Inspection success story


Last year, during a routine inspection, our guard found a water leak from the ceiling of a client’s building. This discovery immediately prompted a well-rehearsed response; the guard reported the issue to our 24-hour response centre, an operator immediately dispatched an engineer from our repairs team and within half an hour, the leak was repaired and the clean-up had begun.

All SPS systems are managed by our accredited teams, with our own ARC responding to alarms/calls, lone worker escalations 24 hours a day, out of hours and on weekends.

While technology improves, so do we, and our innovative managers and Board continually bring you the most up to date products and systems to meet your requirements. Our focus is to provide you with the best customer service experience 24/7, throughout the UK, and all of our people work hard to achieve that goal.

For more information, contact us on 08457 62 65 42, sales@spsdoorguard.com, or via our Contact Us page.

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