While we ourselves at SPS are proud to support both local and national initiatives each year, we are also delighted to support our clients in their own fundraising efforts.

In 2016, Moat housing association celebrated their 50th anniversary, marking the occasion with a year of fundraising for 5 different charities, with the hope of raising £50,000 to be shared equally.

One of their most recent efforts for #Moat50for50 was a sleepout, in which members of their team raised money and awareness in support of two homeless charities – Porchlight and Centrepoint.

The Sleepout, which took place on January 20th involved the Moat team sleeping outside for the night at their head office car park and has raised £18,000 in contribution to their overall goal of £50,000.

SPS were delighted to sponsor and support Moat in this impressive fundraising event, which will not only support these charities financially but will help to raise awareness for an important and sensitive issue.

While Moat had hoped to raise £50,000, they have now exceeded this target, raising over £57,000!

We’d like to say a massive well done to everyone at Moat who participated in this and similar events since April last year and wish them good luck for the rest of their year of fundraising!

Happy 50th Anniversary!

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