Our Communal Doors, which are both safe and secure hold accreditation for preventing the spread of fire. Call 0845 762 6542 to discuss our range of communal entrance doors, which are stylish and cost effective.



Our call handling teams are here to support when your antisocial behaviour noise teams can’t be everywhere. SPS answers hundreds of calls in relation to noise nuisance every weekend. Have you ever considered how many ASB calls relating to noise are happening in your region? Spring and summer are the worst times for these calls – many of them are aggressive and frightening. At SPS we increase the staff numbers to cope with the increase of calls and perform refresher training in how to handle calls of this nature.

SPS CCTV Towers9f2e843a-271c-4e35-8dc3-2224aea36913

SPS are delighted to report all our towers except one are in use providing security in projects around the UK. We have both small and large clients taking advantage of our fantastic, cost-effective security towers. Looking for a tower? Don’t worry; we can still get you a SPS CCTV Tower within a few weeks, as the Head of Security with a Nationwide retailer found out this week. Call us now to learn more.



ebf10721-bf3f-4297-85e2-e77ae92d32cbBollards – Delivery and Installation within 24 hours

SPS runs a 24/7 operation to ensure that should require bollards on your site, our highly skilled team will install them within 24 hours of you placing your order, quickly and efficiently. Feel free to contact us as your earliest convenience to see how we can help.



Guarding and emergencies2c83b00f-2709-4f46-a8c0-4fea50092546

Need at least 10+ guards at your site but only have a few hours’ notice?  SPS has you covered. We can implement and arrange your site protection within as little as a couple of hours. Last week after an emergency situation in London, we were asked for 10+ guards to be on site within a few hours. That was a busy Friday!! Call SPS for your guarding needs.


Automatic Doors eeb41402-eadf-4047-a6d6-17b605dcc275

SPS Scotland has all of your automatic doors covered. We not only install we also manage the maintenance and perform 24/7 reactive repairs. Whether it’s a shop, supported living accommodation or a housing estate, we have you covered.



And finally…

We are moving to auto invoice and auto job confirmations. Many of our customers are feeling the benefits of these improvements; Council payment targets are being met, real time reporting targets are achieved, post let cleaning images are with customers within the hour. Thanks for your support everyone.

Contact Us 

SPS products and services are available on a range of flexible hire or purchase options, we will be happy to chat to you about your specific requirements and tailor a solution that meets your precise needs.

You can contact on 08457 62 65 42, or at, or via our Contact Form  We look forward to hearing from you.

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