Since our last news update, our teams across the UK and Europe have been busy with exciting new contracts and projects!


Excellent and bespoke CCTV services 
Our CCTV cameras and towers, are working extremely well throughout the UK. Our footage and service teams work very closely with the Police, preventing crime and convicting criminals. Providing customers with be-spoke CCTV solutions means our clients get exactly what they want. With a focus on securing, monitoring and maintaining the safety of your building, our expertise and dedication, combined with industry leading technology gives you an unbeatable range of products and services.


Responsive and reactive ARC services

This week our ARC and management team assisted the Police in Glasgow following a serious crime not far from the ARC. Footage from a number of cameras was used to aid their investigations.
Homelessness – a real and growing problem
SPS are here to help. Our out of hours call handling service handle thousands of calls a month, with hundreds of them relating to homelessness. We never leave our callers in a position where they have no-where to turn. Call us now for more information.
Steel is the real deal – fact!
SPS steel is the best method of preventing entry to your void properties. It is a fantastic reliable barrier to those unwanted visitors. We can fit steel screens/doors to your vacant property without damaging the existing structure.
Property Clearances
What is buried under all that? It could be anything – a gun was found in a property last week in Scotland! That’s just one reason why we perform regular top up training exercises for all our teams. Top up training is a SPS management KPI, ensuring you always have highly skilled operatives working on your sites.
Sharps Training
This was a big feature in February and March – we performed internal training as well as external competency based training for some select customers. Please contact us if you would like more information and please don’t remove hazardous waste yourself – call on the experts, we have being doing this for over 25 years!
Pest control in high demand
Don’t ignore silver trials, droppings, or smells… these are the first signs of trouble! Let us come and investigate. Pest control is a major problem throughout the UK, especially in vacant properties. Left unchecked, vacant property can quickly become overrun with a host of pests including, rats, cockroaches, and fleas.

And finally…

Following the successful mobilisation of 5 new contracts in 2 months a well- earned thank you is required to everyone in all of our Regional centres throughout the UK. Our operational teams, reactive response teams and co-ordinating teams have been working extremely well together and the client feedback is excellent. Great job!! However, we are never complacent and continue to get stronger as we build on our team and individual achievements.


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