You can take a holiday – but your security shouldn’t! 


We have just enjoyed another Bank Holiday across the UK, returning to work and May! It is officially summer time – when more and more properties are left empty, as we enjoy long weekends and longer holidays away from home.

There is a common assumption that property intrusion/vandalism is reduced in the spring/summer months; while the nights are lighter and there is less requirement for shelter from the weather, it is important to secure your home/office, especially if you have holidays planned for the summer.

Not only is it holiday season, we have another Bank Holiday at the end of the month and many of us will be leaving properties empty to enjoy the time off work. SPS are experts in providing outsourced services, monitoring your security measures remotely. Whether you use alarms and/or CCTV systems, our team respond quickly and will re-secure your property within two hours.

While standard alarm systems were considered sufficient security many years ago, the SPS Multi-Purpose Alarm is able to connect to up to 48 sensors that continuously monitor your property, that’s the most on the market. For you, this means greater flexibility, more complete protection, and protection against a wider variety of threats. This alarm is monitored by our Alarm Receiving Centre and is quick and easy to install and hard to break or damage.

Range of sensors that MPA can monitor includes:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Door & Window Sensors
  • Heavy Duty Door Sensors
  • CCL Sensors – alerts to disturbances of moveable items, e.g., vehicles, equipment, machinery, fixtures & fittings
  • Smoke Sensors
  • Flood Sensors
  • Lone Worker & Panic Alarms

We also provide impressive CCTV systems and with a focus on securing, monitoring and maintaining the safety of your building, our expertise and dedication, combined with industry leading technology gives you an unbeatable range of products and services.

When installing our CCTV systems, we carry out property inspections to tailor our service to your specific requirements. Our highly skilled team will then install the system and also provide a maintenance service for any necessary repairs. You can then enjoy your holiday, while we monitor the system, remotely.

CCTV is not only important to consider for commercial properties, but also for your home, working as a great preventative measure, as these systems often deter intruders and reduce the chance of a break in, damage or vandalism.

For larger, commercial sites, you may consider the SPS CCTV Tower – the latest installment to our CCTV offering.

More and more organisations now close for a week, with employees taking holidays within this dedicated time. These companies can let their clients and customers know they will be closed, streamlining the holiday process and reducing the chance of being short-staffed – however, offices and commercial properties are then left empty.

While technology improves, so does the process of security your property. We are an innovative company, with a focus on providing the most reliable and efficient products and services. For more information, contact us on 08457 62 65 42,, or via our Contact Us page.

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