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Don’t let a loss happen

Every so often, we see beloved high street stores closing their doors and while we consider the obvious and upsetting …

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SPS Doorguard Ltd @SPS_Property

To ensure a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, consider the benefits of updating and improving your #securitymeasures now! spsdoorguard.com/what-can-we-… pic.twitter.com/ngk3OhzodX

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SPS Clear & Clean

SPS Clear & Clean services for vacant properties deliver an unrivalled quality of service every time, ensuring properties are habitable, fit-for-purpose, and respectable.

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Providing you everything you need at far less cost of guards, but with far greater benefits. The SPS CCTV Tower is the result of over 25 years’ experience in managing void spaces where there is no power.

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Communal Doors and Access Control Systems

We can provide be-spoke communal doors for any building, anywhere in the UK.  We design, manufacture, install and maintain all types of communal doors.  We deliver a response repair service and offer maintenance packages to prolong the life of your door.  Access controls, digital and traditional are also provided, maintained and monitored, anywhere in the UK.

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