Is your property vulnerable to these security risks?

Vacant properties are often vulnerable in nature, due to a variety of factors, including isolation or lack of monitoring/inspections.

Some risks you need to consider for a vacant property are:

  • Break-in/theft
  • Vandalism to the exterior and/or interior
  • Squatting
  • Irreparable damage
  • Environmental Impact
  • Weather damage
  • Loss of income/cost to resecure/repair



Properties with valuable belongings inside yet lying vacant are vulnerable to break-ins and therefore theft. Both the financial and emotional burden can be minimised by ensuring your property is secure despite not being occupied.



Similarly to theft, vandalism can also have a devastating effect on properties and come at a cost to repair/refurbish. Vandalism to the exterior can also have an effect on the aesthetic of the overall building/area. Various security measures such as CCTV or alarms can act as a deterrent, while fencing or steel security provides a physical barrier to your property.

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Squatting comes with both short and long-term consequences depending on the situation and can make it hard to use the building/property for its intended purpose. Ensuring your building is secure with Steel Security, Fencing, CCTV or Guarding can prevent this from becoming an issue.


Irreparable damage

While some damage can be minimal and easily fixed, there are often longer-term issues caused by a result of a property not being properly secured. Most extreme cases of damage to a property can result in a longer turnaround time and can also incur long term health and safety issues.


Environmental impact

Damage/vandalism to buildings can have a direct effect on the immediate surroundings and environment – as a property owner or landlord, you have a responsibility to ensure your property does not pose a threat to neighbouring communities.


shutterstock_177341198Weather damage

When a vacant property is not properly secured and/or inspected regularly, damage from adverse weather can take effect, causing flooding, fires, and structural problems.  The devastating effect of weather damage can lead to long term issues if not attended to in an efficient manner.


Loss of income

When a property is broken into, damaged or vandalised, it requires time, effort and money to restore it to its original state in order for it to be used and occupied again. There are costs associated of course, but also loss of income due to not being able to secure new tenants.


If one or more of these threats resonate with you, don’t hesitate to get in touch today to organise a comprehensive property inspection to determine your needs and requirements.

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