It’s week 2 of National Home Security Month

This week’s theme is indoor security and it’s something we’ve touched on many times in the past but it’s a topic we’ve all thought about more this year, having spent more time at home.

We’ve had the unusual opportunity to take stock of our belongings/valuables this year and consider just how secure our homes are.

It’s a time to consider your part in securing your home – i.e not posting valuables on social media, not checking in where you live or where you go, signally to intruders that your home is now vacant.

However It’s also no surprise that protecting your home indoors, starts outdoors.

Preventative measures go a long way in deterring intruders and come in many forms.


Perhaps an obvious one for identifying intruders, but did you know it also plays a part in protecting your property?

Set up strategically, burglars who catch a glimpse of a CCTV system, are less likely to attempt a break-in.

  • Set up at entrance points but also in blind spots
  • Set up signage to draw attention to CCTV systems
  • Monitor from your phone or have your home monitored by an ARC, who will react quickly to alerts


Another deterrent and a classic home security measure.

  • Signage can alert intruders to the presence of an alarm and if not, the sound it makes will
  • Alarms also alert residents/ARCs detecting an intrusion in the first instance



Physical obstacles will always be effective in reducing the likelihood of a break in.


  • The property is blocked from sight
  • Tall, anti-climb fencing creates difficulty and physical barriers
  • Intruders attempting to get past barriers could draw attention to themselves/injure themselves in the process

The above measures are just some of the options available for protecting your property from the outside-in.

It’s important to remember that vacant properties, for example, holiday homes or homes under construction are just as, if not more, at risk and vulnerable to break-ins.

While occupied homes may contain more valuables and of course, your loved ones, vacant properties may also contain belongings or construction equipment/tools.

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