It’s all well and good to have the relevant and efficient security measures in place, but what is more important is knowing how to use them to their full potential.

A badly maintained or managed security system is fairly obsolete – which brings us to the topic of this week’s NHSM topic – monitoring.

Now, in the past we’ve spoken about preventative measures and how the simple existence of a security system can act as a deterrent but in many cases, a break-in will still be attempted. This is why monitoring is so important.

Having a security system in place without monitoring it is much like installing a lock but not bothering to actually lock the door – it only works when every aspect is covered.


Methods of monitoring

  • Real-time monitoring, with alerts to your smartphone or tablet
  • Real-time monitoring, with alerts sent to a dedicated ARC

 So how do you choose?  

There’s a level of convenience in being able to monitor your properties in real-time with the use of your phone, as you can access this wherever you are. However there’s a good argument to suggest having both makes a whole lot more sense.

  • An ARC is available 24/7, 365 days a year
    • No need to rush on Christmas day to re-secure a property
    • An out of battery phone or a phone without signal is not reliable when alerts are sent solely to your own personal devices
    • The response is managed completely by our team and your property will be secure again within a few hours
    • If you’re out of the country, we will already be set up, ready to respond whenever necessary

shutterstock_582999007When it comes to monitoring, you want a service which is quick, reliable, convenient and efficient. Using an ARC ensure that unpredictable and uncontrollable factors do not stop you from efficiently protecting your property. It’s understandable that you may also want to receive personal updates but having the response element outsourced provides an extra level of security and peace of mind that your property has year-round monitoring.

So in summary, an efficient monitoring system will allow for:

  • Overseeing of your property when you are not there
  • An ARC to monitor the property, adding another level of security
  • Monitoring of the system itself – whether it be alarms, CCTV or other physical security measures, such a barriers – monitoring lets us know if everything is working as it should be/if there’s any damage
  • Receival of alerts when security is compromised/the property has been broken into/damaged or vandalised
  • Peace of mind for you when you’re not available/out of the country/otherwise engaged and cannot respond quickly
  • Quick response from an ARC, leading to the re-securing of the property in a matter of hours

If you’re interested in getting more information on how best to secure your property and the most efficient method of monitoring, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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