When property is your business, it’s vital that the value of your assets is protected at all times. So when a property becomes vacant, you need the most effective means of monitoring and protecting the value and integrity of your property.

SPS has developed the most effective products and services in the market for protecting your business. The products and services most demanded by our many Property/Asset Management clients include:

Vacant Property Inspections

Your property insurance most likely stipulates that inspections need to be carried out on vacant property, that’s why it’s one of the most in-demand SPS services from property and asset management companies.

We are the industry leaders in delivering a thorough property inspections service, combined with detailed reporting, flexible checking intervals and a fully customisable inspection checklist to suit your needs.

To make sure you remain insurance compliant, SPS makes sure it is done properly and delivers all the assurance you need.


Often the preferred protection choice in this sector is the SPS Multi-Purpose Alarm (MPA). A rugged and easily fitted temporary alarm system, the MPA offers unobtrusive yet thorough protection against a full range of threats from people, the elements, and neglect. Backed up by our 24/7 Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC), we respond immediately to any activation to keep your property safe.

Isolation of Services

To further reduce the risk of damage to property, SPS also provide isolation of services checks. We check the gas and electricity are switched off, and drain down the water supply to eliminate the threat of damage caused by burst, damaged, or stolen pipes.