SPS call centre handler

The demand for efficient, personalised and reliable call handling services has never been higher. But providing a bespoke, expert and empathetic call handling service to thousands of callers a month is a challenge. 

How do we do it at SPS? By leveraging state-of-the-art technology to provide exceptional, 24/7 call handling and response services. 

Here’s what that involves:


Two Contact Centres

Our call handling is supported by two contact centres, which guarantees seamless service delivery. These centres are designed to cover national dialects and use non-geographical numbers, allowing us to answer calls 24/7 no matter where they originate.


Personalised Service at Scale

With over 120 fantastic call handlers, we’ve harnessed technology to route specific calls to the most appropriate responders. 

This sophisticated triage system allows us to organise our call handlers into specialised groups, ensuring clients receive a bespoke, personalised service no matter how big or complex their needs.


Social Housing Specialism

Recently we’ve made a significant update to our contact centre resourcing and created a dedicated team handling homelessness, EDT and complex social housing cases. 

This strategic division allows us to provide even more specialised services, catering to the unique challenges that social housing presents. 

With 40 years of experience in social housing, we’ve developed a bespoke repairs diagnostic tool. For social housing repairs, identifying the correct repair codes is crucial. Our innovative training tool simplifies this process, enabling our staff to be upskilled in hours rather than weeks. 

This rapid upskilling ensures that our team is always ready to provide expert service.


AI-Powered Workflows: The Future of Call Handling

AI in SPS call centresWe are excited to announce that we’re exploring AI-powered workflows to support our call handling operations as they scale. These advancements will revolutionise our processes, allowing us to handle thousands of additional calls each month with unprecedented efficiency.

By integrating AI, we’re aiming to enhance our ability to deliver a personalised and superior service to our clients.



From AI-powered workflows and state-of-the-art call handling to specialised teams and bespoke training tools, SPS is dedicated to exploring new technological advancements if it means improving our 24/7 call handling service.

As we see it, these developments actually allow us to humanise our service, empowering us with the tools needed to ensure every caller is referred to a specialist – one who understands their specific issues and is well-placed to help.

Look out for more updates as we continue to enhance our capabilities and set new standards in the call handling space.

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