Did you know as a property owner or landlord, you have a responsibility to ensure your property and the external area are not having a negative impact on the surrounding environment.


Properties left unattended, specifically vacant units, can have effects, some long-term and others short – but either way, it’s important to limit the environmental impact, also in the interest of sustainability and both human and animal health.

So, what can you do to increase your efforts and move towards a more sustainable way of life?




Regular property inspections

It’s harder for fly-tipping and rubbish build up to take place when properties are regularly inspected. Commercial properties in isolated areas or those left vacant often find themselves most vulnerable to this type of behaviour and the cost to clear this if not attended to quickly can really mount up.


Our teams can arrange for inspections to take place daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly, depending on your requirements.



Install fixed security measuresshutterstock_109961819

 CCTV and alarms can go a long way in not only detecting anti-social behaviour such as vandalism, damage, or fly-tipping but also adverse weather which may lead to flooding or fires, both of which can lead to further environmental impact. If your property lies vacant for long periods of time, it can be considered more vulnerable to these threats so considering long-term measures will put your mind at ease and allow the vacant site to be monitored remotely, by our dedicated ARC.


Consider outsourcing the monitoring of your property to give you peace of mind that it will be attended to when necessary, even if you are not available to do so yourself.



Make use of professional clear and clean servicesshutterstock_49181869

Ensuring both the interior and exterior of your property are well-kept will not only reduce the negative effect on the environment but also leave your property looking more aesthetically pleasing. Internal areas which are being prepared for re-let often require some form of cleaning and clearing and in more extreme cases, biohazard clean-ups may be necessary, so it’s important to ensure professional teams are instructed to do so, from both a health and safety and insurance point of view.


It’s easy for larger items to be discarded incorrectly or for items to be placed outdoors for uplifts which end up not happening – instructing a dedicated clean and clear team takes the guesswork out of anticipating when items will be removed and reduces the risk of creating fire hazards, which can lead to further environmental impact and danger to surrounding residents.


Other services you may consider for added security and minimised environmental impact:


  • Fencing
  • Steel Security
  • Guarding
  • Call Handling
  • Communal Door Entry Systems


By ensuring your property is properly protected, you reduce the risk of unauthorised entry to the building and/or surrounding area. Most of the short and long terms effects to the environment are caused by littering, fly-tipping, vandalism, and adverse weather – so it’s important to be aware of this and combat these threats by being prepared.


We can provide all of these services and also a recycling report to document your efforts to work towards a more sustainable approach to property management, ownership and/or letting.


Get in touch today to discuss your requirements!




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