Concrete Barricades

Our barricades/bollards are highly effective at preventing unauthorised vehicle access by joyriders, thieves, flytippers, and more. This saves you money on clear & clean costs and damage repair bills, making our barricades highly cost effective.

Engineered specifically for the role of vehicle barricades, they incorporate numerous anti-tamper/theft features, weigh 2.4 tonnes each, stand 0.7 metres tall, and span 2.4 metres in length. A truly effective solution to unwanted vehicle access.



SPS provides a comprehensive range of fencing solutions to clients throughout the UK, including

  • Anti-climb (HERAS) fencing – usually a temporary solution
  • Solid Steel Hoarding – a longer term, robust deterrent
  • Traffic Management/Site Perimeters – effective high visibility, water filled, traffic management system
  • Timber Hoarding – usually requested when more discrete protection is required

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