decorative Christmas wreath tied to knocker on red door


Well, quite simply they both conceal and protect the contents inside.


It’s that time of year again, when many of us have already purchased gifts for our loved ones and prepared well in advance. Others make a night of it, wrapping presents on Christmas Eve itself. We do this not only because it looks nice under the tree but also to disguise the gift until we are ready to reveal the surprise inside.


The same goes for vacant property – when we’re not yet ready for new tenants and the building is going to be vacant for short or long periods of time, it’s imperative that we secure the building and surrounding area. So how do we do that?


shutterstock_102697103Step 1 – Property Inspection – it’s important to ensure you do a thorough walk through of the property and the surrounding area before securing. Determine if repairs are needed and address any health and safety issues.


You may also require environmental services such as Clean and Clear at this stage.


Step 2 – Alarms – When you’re happy with the inspection, install alarms before moving on to external measures. Alarms act as a deterrent and can be monitored remotely by our dedicated ARC. You can also receive updates to your smartphone or tablet.


Step 3 – Steel Security – SPS Steel Security is tamper proof, and one of the most effective and robust measures for securing vacant property. There is no damage to the existing structure when installing steel security, and it is easily removed when no longer needed.


Step 4 – CCTV – In case of intrusion, you need to be able to identify those responsible, and in some cases its presence can deter intruders before real damage/theft occurs. Consider signage to go along with your CCTV equipment to make potential intruders aware.


IMG_1191Step 5 – Fencing – Consider this the ribbon around your wrapping paper, acting as a a barrier to the property in the first instance. Fencing and barricades surround the perimeter keeping the external area protected too.


Depending on the property and the period of isolation, you may also consider guarding and/or other short-term measures. For longer periods of vacancy, you may look into further fixed measures.


Father Christmas may not visit vacant properties this December, and we’re here to ensure no one else does either.


Whatever the need, get in touch today and let SPS handle your requirements, this festive season and year-round.

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