Lone worker Protection Services

check-in-new_245x465The most cost-effective, reliable, Modern day lone worker Solutions for YOU and YOUR employer

Tens of thousands of lone workers are abused, attacked or victims of accidents in the UK every year.

SPS lone worker solutions offer invaluable protection and reassurance when it’s needed most.

With over 20 years’ experience and commitment to people protection, we have evolved a range of products and systems to suit your requirements. Our accredited ARC responds to any incident causing concern to an individual, either covertly reported using our personal panic alarm systems, or via a missed check-call.


Our clients cover a range of sizes and sectors, including large PLC’s, local councils, and housing associations.

SPS StaySafe has many applications across a variety of sectors

SPS Lone Worker Services

  • Dedicated lone worker Stay Safe App
  • Always available – all you need is your smartphone
  • Reliable tracking – GPS shows last known location when signal fails
  • 24/7 Response Centre managing all types of escalations on your behalf
  • Unrivalled functionality – panic button, GPS tracking, low battery alert, duress pin
  • Global reach – StaySafe app works anywhere in the world
  • ‘Man-down’ shock sensor option
  • 2 way audio communications options
  • Detailed & thorough management reporting on exceptions, issues, and performance

Ideal for Customer with

  • Field based employees (service engineers, sales staff)
  • Employees working in the community (traffic wardens, probation officers, taxi drivers)
  • Employees conducting home visits (health workers, social workers, domestic engineers, estate agents)
  • Employees working outside normal hours or only person on premises. (security workers, night shift workers)
  • Available on all Android, Apple Smartphones, also some BlackBerry devices


  • Fulfils duty of care to offer a lone worker solution
  • Employees have reassurance of support when entering vulnerable situations
  • Friends and Family reassured as you work on your own
  • Protects lone workers from harm, serious injury or life-threatening incidents
  • Offers employers peace of mind that employees are safe.

To find out more, speak to your local SPS representative, call us on 08457 62 65 42, email us at info@spsdoorguard.com, or visit us at www.spsdoorguard.com.

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