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We’ve spoken about fencing in relation to property security many times, but this service often has other applications, with a different purpose. While the work we do differs, certain jobs require another level of professionalism and sensitivity, due to their delicate nature.

The investigation, which began in April 2000, began after with the disappearance of a teenage girl, who went missing from a Northampton care home over two decades ago. New information led to the operation, which will see the authorities begin a two-week investigation in a wooded area in Valley Walk.

Much-needed closure for the family is the goal of this operation and we hope the investigation can provide this. Installing sturdy and reliable fencing structures ensures the police and other associated departments can carry out this operation discreetly and with no interference from the public. It also adds a layer of security to ensure the area is not compromised out of hours and helps to obviously indicate the area of focus.

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In circumstances like these, it is important that the fencing is both secured and maintained properly and we will continue to work with Northamponshire Police for the duration of the operation.

All image credit ITV News.

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