From our previous blogs, you’ll know the importance we place on property inspections, but in these difficult and unprecedented times, the need to protect and monitor your property has become increasingly crucial.

Nowadays you may need to take a different view (quite literally) and find new ways to inspect your vacant site when it’s not as easy to get there. From the use of drones to inspections taken on by an outsourced team, it is still possible to respect government restrictions and social distancing rules, while continuing to protect your property.

Why inspect your property?
  • Vacant properties are vulnerable
  • It’s a minimum insurance requirement
  • Opportunists thieves will act now while sites are quiet
  • Squatters and travellers will cause you no end of problems
  • Unpredictable weather can affect your property


  • Our inspections team will inspect your site, with consideration for social distancing
  • SPS Drones give you an entirely new view on property inspections for external sites
  • Outsourcing your inspections gives you the freedom to inspect the property as and when it is necessary AND/OR with regular and scheduled visits to site
How often?
  • As often as you wish – daily, weekly, monthly
  • Inspections may also be spontaneous and weather dependant depending on the nature of the property
shutterstock_170220608What happens after your property inspection?
  • Report with meter readings, pictures and proactive comments sent by the Inspections team
  • Detailed property reports are available to you
  • Proactive measures suggested with quotes of required
  • Any entry points that require re-securing or any damage that requires attention will be dealt with

Give yourself peace of mind and allow our team to manage efficient and effective property inspections, with special attention to social distancing and hygiene measures.


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