This week, we proudly celebrate another heroic act by a member of the SPS team.

On Sunday evening, one of our Call Handlers took a call from a resident living in the Wembley area of London, which was redirected to our OOH service.

The caller, Ann explained the situation she was in, in which a friend of hers, Julie, had seemed to have taken a bad turn while speaking to her on the phone.

788f5e76-f111-4b3d-803d-7e40c60dba3fBoth the caller herself and her friend were in the vulnerable category and while Julie was living in a residential property not on our customers property list, after taking some information, SPS Call Handler, Nikkie felt she had to help.

Nikkie contacted the police and asked for a welfare check to be conducted, which resulted in an alert to the emergency services and an ambulance and fire brigade were sent to Julie’s home.

We have since learnt that Julie was unwell and in a great deal of pain and was seen by paramedics on the night. We are happy to report that Julie is now doing well.

We are greatly aware of the amount of vulnerable people living in isolation at this hard time and thanks to Ann’s call and Nikkie’s quick and efficient response, we are delighted to have been able to help Julie in these tough times.

A big thank you to Nikkie and all our Call Handles for their ongoing efforts – thanks to having a dedicated team of hard-working people, we have been able to help the vulnerable, prevent further stress and hardship, improve wellbeing and in cases like these, save lives!

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