Spare water, temporary heaters, business continuity are just some of the things to think about when you get ready for Winter.
SPS Repairs, call handlers, security guards,  re-let cleaning teams, and SPS steel teams are all in great demand this month. Preparation is everything. Our growing team means we are ready to support you in all your property and people needs this December.


Technology changes so fast. it’s a job in itself to keep on top of the latest camera lenses, sensor, even battery.  SPS CCTV Towers pick up lots of items of interest but it’s what we do with them makes the difference between an arrest, or a wasted check. CX32G


Our ARC control room function is just as important as the tech. SPS self-deliver our control room responses. With a dedicated team of 14 ARC trained personnel, we can give you a true 24/7 response service to any alarm system throughout the UK



SPS Letterbox seals… It is sometimes the first thing an asset manager considers when a site becomes vacant, but it can also be the last thing on their mind. Regardless, our unique letterbox covers are secure, subtle, effective and together with our inspection service makes your site insurance compliant.  Like everything we do, its high quality and gives you an effective solution.

letter seal

SPS Compliance and Staff Engagement. We are delighted to be reporting less than 0.001% complaints in November. 8% feedback points were generated in the month and 9,300 training minutes were reported to the Board. We are delivering 98% customer satisfaction scores and pleasingly, staff retention is at its highest level ever


SPS Inspection services…Our inspectors and Managers are given the right tools to do the job efficiently and accurately, using iPhones and an integrated apps to capture video and photos, keeping you informed at all times.

Report styles vary from client to client, site to site, but the process remains 100% uniform – we are very strict about this.

Regular briefings about the sites our inspectors visit and regular updates on our clients’ requirements, make our inspection service one of the best in the UK.

Don’t agree? Try us and find out, but with a 25% growth year on year, sometimes 50% in one quarter alone, tells you clients big and small see the value in what we do for them.
And finally, templates, innovation, webchat, analytics :


“SPS never stands still and is always thinking how to improve a service, make that customer journey more enjoyable, easier, and effective…” One customer emailed us to say.

Remember we are here for you 24/7, taking the pressure off you, whilst getting on with the job at hand.  Call us now, to help get you Winter-ready and organised for the Christmas shut down.

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