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It’s Week Two of National Home Security Month and the focus of this week is securing windows and doors. As previously mentioned, nowadays, intruders are clever, which means we require even more intelligent methods of securing our homes…

For vacant properties in particular, we require robust, reliable and long-lasting solutions to secure our homes. You may have seen vacant properties with some form of wood/timber panelling/hoarding, however the reality is that, intruders will find a way around them, damaging and possibly vandalising the structure in the process and ultimately, gaining entry to your property.

SPS Steel security is a much more reliable form of security for your vacant property and not only is it more secure, but these fixtures are also significantly more difficult to remove or vandalise.

xiks_oA4xJInH-NjWVnG3StxEncW68qPVZ60qIS56YAji3WxxjXx0S8r-JmW2TanbvLWywRZ0PFKdAl8GE58-bD5uzc-s2048_500x319Our SPS Steel Security can be tailored to secure both windows and doors, with minimal or no disruption to the existing structure, which is particularly important if this property is a development project or perhaps a holiday home under construction. If you are planning to sell the property at any time, it is even more important to maintain the building, as the cost of repairs and significant renovation may deter potential buyers.

We have different door types to suit your needs; keyed, keyless and communal, and all will deter intruders, while enabling access for contractors, employees, and prospective tenants. With a sturdy keypad, 16,000 combination settings, and an SPS managed code system, it is the most effective means of restricting access to authorised personnel only.

shutterstock_149082788As Yale point out, darker evenings will attract more intruders, therefore, they may spend these initially colder months, figuring out which properties are left empty at what time and subsequently planning winter break-ins when we are all distracted by the festive season.

Much like we are preparing our Christmas shopping list, so are they – so be aware!

Next week, we’ll be sharing our official SPS Winter Security Checklist to make sure your property is fully secure at this time of year!

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