As the construction industry in the UK gears up to return to work more steadily, the need for greater security is very apparent.

As restrictions continue to change, construction is among the industries now returning to work on a more regular basis.

While we as a country move through Phase 3, the construction industry has moved into the next Phase of their restart plan.

What can be expected from the return to work for the industry

  • Around 30 – 40% of the workforce will return while practising physical distancing
  • Deliveries of material and equipment to site will resume
  • More labourers will have access to the work site on a daily basis
  • Projects will resume and progress
  • Equipment left on site overnight will increase

property inspectionWhat are the potential threats?

  • Damage/vandalism of progressing projects
  • Equipment left on site is vulnerable to theft
  • Unattended/vacant areas of the site may be used as shelter


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What can you do to ensure your site is secure?

  • Install fencing/barricades to not only deter/keep out intruders but also to regulate access for authorised workers
  • CCTV towers as deterrents and to monitor vacant areas
  • Steel windows/doors for unattended areas of the site/projects in progress

While there are many measures that can be implemented and installed to secure your site, CCTV Towers have proved to be extremely effective in deterring intruders and in those cases when opportunists still attempt to gain access to the property, we have a 360 degree view, with fence line protection and detection. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and requirements.

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