Across all four divisions of our company, we work with a number of operatives – many of which work in small teams or in isolation and therefore, health and safety is extremely important to us. Saturday 28th April celebrates World Day for Safety and Health at Work and at SPS we have taken measures to ensure safe working conditions for all of our staff and yours.


While we can install CCTV and other security measures to ensure the safety of office staff, it is equally important that we consider the safety of field-based workers, those working out of hours and those working in isolation, which is why we introduced a range of lone working services including SPS StaySafe. While we consider health and safety for our own staff, the specific requirements for you and your business are equally important to us.


All our lone worker services are monitored by our dedicated ARC, which operates 24 hours a day, with an immediate reaction time and robust escalation processes


Our StaySafe App can send a clear message to your staff that you genuinely care about their safety. The very presence of the App on their phone and the instant link to a response centre brings a level of comfort and security, and a strong message that you care. So, even though they are lone workers, they are never totally alone.


First and foremost, their safety is the most important consideration and our SPS StaySafe App provides the perfect solution to ensuring lone work protection throughout the entire year.

SPS StaySafe has a number of features, including:

  • Panic buttons
  • Man-down sensors
  • GPS tracking
  • Emergency response services

Our tracking service notifies our response centre about your personnel’s arrival on site, their work progress and completion of the project, allowing us to then record their status as ‘safe’.


While World Day for Safety and Health at Work is a day dedicated to considering the importance of health and safety, the SPS StaySafe App enables you to reduce lone worker vulnerability and ensure the safety of those working in isolation every day, week and month of the year.

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