Every so often, we see beloved high street stores closing their doors and while we consider the obvious and upsetting effect this will have on loyal staff and regular customers, what is often given less attention is the knock-on effect for landlords. With more and more stores closing, landlords have the difficult task of not only finding new tenants quickly but also making sure the property is ready to be re-let before loss of income becomes an issue.

Unfortunately, this is something that happens more often than we realise and not necessarily something that can be predicted. The closure of at times, multiple stores, will no doubt lead to a massive sudden loss in rental income – another sad result of a company’s closure.

Much like a company going into liquidation, tenants of domestic properties can also be unpredictable, leaving with little or no notice, and it is usually these tenants who leave the most mess to clean up. Landlords of both commercial and domestic properties are often responsible for all repairs/dilapidations in their own properties and the longer it takes to do this, the longer they remain without rental income.

In order to streamline this process, it is important to understand the possibilities available to landlords.

Offering a three-day turnaround, our team aim to reduce the loss of rental income, allowing landlords to re-let as soon as possible. For many, rent contributes massively to their monthly and yearly income and as we know, empty properties are of no use to anyone and can often end up costing landlords more, as they require more advanced security measures and more regular inspections.

While we would suggest you make security a high priority, vacant properties, especially those that are commercial, may require guarding, while occupied properties can make use of modern measures such as CCTV and a reliable ARC.

Moreover, the building is less at risk of vandalism or intrusion when occupied by tenants. The longer the property lies empty, the longer intruders have to plan a break-in, as they will know if the property is secure and if and when it is being monitored.

If you’re a landlord looking to re-let your property, SPS will manage every part of the process to clean and clear your property, relieving the stress of doing so yourself but also giving you the time to focus on securing a new tenant.

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