As seasons change, we acknowledge and appreciate the nature around us. With Autumn bringing some of the most noticeable changes, it is easy to forget amongst the orange hues and fallen leaves, that general upkeep of outdoor communal areas is important, no matter what the season.

So how do we keep our common areas presentable?


First impressions

For shared accommodation and commercial buildings, the surrounding gardens and greenery  and walkways will be the first thing people see when they visit. So you want to make a good first impression – especially if your are re-letting your property.


shutterstock_49181869SPS can provide:

  • Sweeps
  • Garden Tidies
  • Hedge trimming
  • Grass cutting


Don’t waste time and money


shutterstock_124333204Fly tipping, disposed items  and dumped bin bags not only affect the appearance of your outdoor area but can lead to greater and long-term problems – pests, unwanted visitors, bad impressions. Certain properties are vulnerable to fly-tipping and the longer waste stays there, the more damage it causes and tenants it repels.


SPS provides:

  • Removal and disposal of rubbish
  • Waste collection and disposal
  • Removal of hazardous waste
  • Pest control


Don’t hit a wall

Vandalism, such as graffiti, is unfortunately one of the quickest and easiest ways to damage a property. It is, however, possible to remove and doesn’t necessarily lead to long-term effects. Left there, however, it devalues even the most attractive of properties and again, deters potential tenants or buyers.

If vandalism is a common occurrence, for either vacant or occupied properties, you may consider more advanced security measures to avoid this.

Cameras/fencing are great ways to deter intruders.


shutterstock_143164885SPS can provide:

  • Graffiti, litter and sharps removal
  • CCTV – installation and monitoring
  • Fencing and barricades
  • Guarding


What is involved? 

Experienced SPS teams work with the environment and the local community to maintain communal areas in a manner that is sensitive to nature and the needs of residents.

shutterstock_131499911When and how are enquiries responded to?

  • Same day rapid response gets the job done quickly.
  • Same day issue of specialist waste transfer notes reassure you that all health and safety requirements are met without fuss
  • We’re on hand to respond throughout the UK, and offer standard rates
  • We also offer bespoke pricing based on detailed property risk assessments

Who does this apply to? 

Whether it’s a one-off clean or contract cleaning that you need, get in touch with SPS. Current contracts include numerous local councils, housing associations, and clearing up after road traffic accidents and crime scenes.

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