Of the many things we have experienced this year, the soaring cases of fly-tipping across the UK is just one of them. But when something so disruptive starts to affect your daily life, it’s important to know how to handle the situation. If you’re a landlord, you may receive complaints from tenants about fly-tipping issues near their home and not only does this devalue your property but can also lead to the further issue of not being able to secure a tenant in the future.


Naturally, with people spending more time indoors over the last few months, home renovations and regular clear outs have become the norm, with fly-tipping seeing a huge surge, due to discarded household and other goods.

Just recently The Guardian reported a large pile of tires in a residential area of Glasgow, which some suspect may be the result of opportunists claiming to be able to dispose of others’ waste only to then dump it in random areas.

Local dumps and other waste disposal services have also been somewhat out of reach in the last few months, which may also cause an increase in fly-tipping.

How can this affect you?


  • Fly tipping can cause disruption by blocking roads, entrances and exits to homes and can create fire hazards
  • Environmental issues may also stem from fly-tipping
  • Tenants may complain of disruption to their living situation
  • Encourages vermin, bringing about more unwanted health risks to the household and your neighbours
  • Land and property owners are at risk of council fines
  • Increased fire risk

You only have to take a look at local parks after sunny weekends to realise that as a country, littering has potentially become second nature to many people and while dumps begin to open again and waste management is under somewhat more control, many people are still taking the easier and lazier route.


What can you do?

  • Ensure your private property is secure to avoid any issues near your property/in communal entrances
  • Ask tenants to inform you of any issues as and when they occur
  • Contact SPS, your experienced team to organise waste disposal/clean and clear services
  • If you’re concerned about frequent fly-tipping around your building, install CCTV systems

Our same day rapid response gets the job done quickly, and specialist waste transfer notes, sent digitally next day and get reassurance that all health and safety requirements are met without fuss. We’re on hand to respond throughout the UK, and offer standard rates. If you’re at all concerned about fly-tipping get in touch with us today and we’ll help you to understand your options

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