Today was that day. I had an overwhelming data dump that stopped me thinking. It’s almost like my brain is saturated and nothing else can go in.

At SPS there is so little we don’t do, so the interlinking, IFSEC Security Event, Facilities Management and H&S exhibition in London excel this week blew my mind.

There are so many ways to secure a property from door systems to cameras, which protect the property through detection,  therefore preventing intrusion or vandalism. These measures offer greater safety and security and with so many options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start!

So on the journey back to the Response Centre, I had to pause for a second, strip my thinking right back and ask myself – what do my customers want?

35463996_1722879431141961_8864445382319407104_nThe answer…

Great customer service, with useful products at affordable prices, delivered by people that care, and who are confident in showing their expertise and passion.

Providing service such as this also requires our team to call on their experience to help with complex issues and give sensible solutions. It is events like today’s that remind us the sheer amount of solutions there are but without the right team with the necessary knowledge and skills, we really aren’t able to provide that exceptional customer service we strive for. Lucky at SPS, we are very proud of our team and their expertise!

So thanks Excel, I saw some great products and met some enthusiastic people, and look forward to exploring some of the ideas further , so that our customers get the best out there, delivered same day, 24/7 throughout the UK.

Have a great weekend

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