For property owners and landlords, there are various ongoing concerns when it comes to owning and managing property. One of the most common and detrimental however is the risk of intrusion, which can lead to:

  • Vandalism
  • Structural damage
  • Interior damage
  • Weather damage
  • Stolen property
  • Fires
  • Squatters seeking shelter
  • Loss of income should a rental property require maintenance/repairs


There are many measures you can consider to prevent this from happening, including:

  • CCTV
  • Alarms
  • Fencing
  • Steel security for vacant properties
  • Guarding for vacant properties
  • Communal door entry systems

However, you may find that if you haven’t fully considered every measure available to you and therefore don’t have a plan/measures installed, break-ins are more likely, especially in vacant properties. An arrest was made on 19th January in Leicester following an activation from one of our alarms.  No damage occurred to the property as he was detected entering the site.  Our commercial client was delighted with our response.

So, how long does it take to resecure a property after intrusion? 

shutterstock_61203211Generally speaking, this very much depends on the extent of the intrusion/damage but our dedicated teams can provide same-day response, usually resecuring the property in a matter of hours. Our team will provide real-time reports after visiting the property.

For vacant properties, we will suggest repairs and maintenance needed before installing new measures such as steel doors/screens to protect the property without damage to the existing structure. Steel security is tamper proof and prevents further damage/vandalism to the property.

CCTV and alarms go a long way in preventing further intrusions as they acts as a deterrent in most cases, with CCTV quickly providing more accurate identification of intruders. This can be managed remotely from our dedicated ARC.

For larger sites, you may consider fencing/guarding to further secure the property/area.

Occupied properties, specifically in shared accommodation will benefit from communal door entry systems to restrict entry to authorised personnel and residents while standalone properties will also benefit from CCTV/alarm systems.

shutterstock_89531086Why might you consider outsourcing your security plan to an experienced team?

  • Round the clock protection – so you don’t have to worry when on holiday/at work/during public and seasonal holidays
  • Quick response time – our team can ensure the property is no longer vulnerable by providing same day response
  • Reporting – regular property inspections provide up to date information on the level of security the property has and will detail any recommendations made by our team/real-time reports following incidents of intrusions will also detail the repairs/maintenance/further measures needed
  • Safety – ensure your tenants feel safe in their home with efficient security measures in place
  • Peace of mind – rest easy with the knowledge your tenants, property and assets are being protected and your property is being managed entirely by an experienced team

Get in touch today to discuss the requirements for your property.

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