With many industries having already returned to work and more preparing to do so, with non-essential offices being given the go ahead for a return to work in the coming weeks, it’s important to ensure commercial properties are ready.

What are the implications for property security?  

  • Staff may be in the office on a rota system and it is important to know who is in the building and when
  • Office hours/operating days may have changed
  • Deliveries to offices will resume with social distancing measures in place
  • Buildings lying empty for months may have health and safety measures to consider

With a return to a somewhat normal routine being inevitable, offices will open again but the hours/days of operation may be reduced and it’s important the building is secured when employees leave for the day/week.

Staff may be working in the office on a rota system to allow for social distancing so being aware of who is in the office and when is crucial, not just for security but also for track and trace purposes.

Deliveries may not require signatures and the process of receiving parcels will have changed.

So what do you needCommunal-Doors-Tweed-wide to consider? 

  • Communal Door Systems to allow entry for authorised personnel and to authorise entry for guests/clients/delivery drivers
  • Keyless entry for hygiene purposes
  • Personalised entry methods to monitor which employees are in the building
  • CCTV to monitor who enters and exits the building
  • Sophisticated alarm systems which complement adjusted working hours/days

Many businesses will also insist on sign in sheets for employees and guests, for health and safety, security and track and trace purposes and the above measures will go a long way in supporting these.

If your business previously used guarding as a safety measure, you may choose to reintroduce this but with a smaller team of guards for obvious reasons and therefore, measures such as CCTV, Towers and Alarms can act in place of a larger guarding team and also operate seamlessly with a smaller, selected group.

shutterstock_174985817You may also consider a property inspection, for health and safety reasons, if your place of work has been lying empty during lockdown, to ensure all is in order before the building is occupied again.

Contact us to ensure your work place is ready for a return to work when the time comes and our team will be happy to advise you on all the preparations which may be necessary for you.

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