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This year, this word has been thrown around a lot – but for many people, the idea of spending long periods of time alone is not such an unfamiliar concept – especially at this time of year.

We have years of experience working with vulnerable people and specifically those living alone and Christmas time is notorious for being a particularly lonely season for those living in isolation.

In fact, we have helplines dedicated specifically to helping those in this situation – we realised after years of offering call handling services that loneliness and isolation were some of the most prominent issues being brought to our attention.




Why else is our call handling service so important? shutterstock_117650176


  • Those living alone are vulnerable to a number of things:
    • Medical conditions that may cause seizures or fits
    • Falling or passing out while alone
    • Not being able to access their medication easily
    • Those shielding require assistance with basic tasks
    • Break-ins/theft/attacks
    • Panic attacks/anxiety and depression
    • Taking unwell while alone


  • Out of hours services mean your residents are always cared for
    • Out-with your office hours, your calls are redirected to our team
    • We assess the situation and take the necessary next steps
    • Emergency services can be contacted if the situation calls for it



  • We can operate a 24/7 service throughout the year, from anywhere in the country
    • Seasonal holidays, bank holidays and days when your office is simply shut can be covered by our team
    • We work for housing associations across the country and will contact the relevant emergency services in that area if needed


  • Contacting responders is our responsibility
    • If your resident has family members that need to be notified of a situation, we will contact them


  • Your residents wellbeing is at the heart of what we do
    • We are there each step of the process ensuring that your resident is cared for by the appropriate services
    • We conduct a follow up if necessary


  • You will be fully briefed on any incidents or situations necessary
    • We will report back to with the relevant information and make you aware of any important information we received on your behalf


Most of all…

We ensure there is never a window of opportunity for calls to go unanswered. Our efforts mean those in isolation always have a line of support and we’ve improved wellbeing by lowering stress and offering our help wherever necessary. In the most important of cases, we have saved lives and for this we are incredibly proud of the team. Not only do we handle calls, we also monitor elderly residents and can detect when someone, for example, has had a fall and needs assistance.

See here for more of team’s quick thinking responses –

Loneliness and vulnerability are topics which come up a lot around the festive season but have also been more prominent topics this year given the circumstances. We hope that in offering our call-handling services we are bringing not only a level of support but a feeling of presence. It is often hard for vulnerable people to receive the care and assistance they require, and they often feel completely alone. Our aim is to lessen this feeling, by helping people feel connected, with the wellbeing of each caller being our priority.


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