Looking, checking and investigating is what our in-house inspection teams do every day and night in all weathers and in all circumstances.

for caitlinOur nationwide teams report back real time on what they have seen at each property and provide a detailed report to the relevant personnel, property owners/managers or landlords.

This phone call, image or even video from site is the most important piece of evidence for every property owner or manager to ensure that their asset remains in the best possible condition.
We continually improve our offering to customers

We can perform FRA, H&S and Insurance compliance inspections at any property OR simply provide a check sheet – whatever you need we can do it.
Our phones have the latest app, with updates sent directly to you with a RAG status – allowing you to take action or NOT.

shutterstock_166099964We do the work that you don’t have the time or resources to accommodate

We try to make it simple, letting you worry about the important things, like the day to day running of your business.
After an inspection has taken place and depending on the report we give, the choice is yours whether to make property management/security updates/changes and we will assist you when implementing these plans wherever necessary.

SPS Steel Screens 3We can also manage the entire project start to finish with minimal input from yourself, allowing you to focus on important operational responsibilities.

Let us be your eyes when you can’t be there to see what is going on.

Look at changing to SPS now and see how easy it is to work with us!!!

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