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Regrettably, Summer is coming to an end and the nights are getting longer, what little Summer we had is coming to an end. Now, we can look forward to curling up with a good book, or a box set of your favourite drama series.

At SPS, we want to make sure the dramas are restricted to what you choose on the telly. We know from experience that the longer hours of darkness increases the risk to properties, whether they are occupied or vacant. Thieves will use the increased hours of darkness to gain access to all manner of properties. And it’s not merely the hours of darkness that increases the risk; we traditionally see many more opportunist thieves operating as Christmas approaches.

So, here at SPS we know that our operators and ARC team will be getting busier for the rest of the year and we are ready for the challenge.


Short-term security for your vacant property

Alarm systems are invariably the first line of defence when securing both private and commercial buildings. However, there is still a general assumption that these systems are used only for occupied properties and that they must be permanent. But, we understand many buildings lie empty for a variety of reasons, they too need to be secured.

Vacant properties are particularly vulnerable. Whether the buildings are unused or under renovation, alarms systems are critical if you want to safeguard against unwanted visitors this Winter.

For such buildings, SPS offers short-term alarm solutions to secure the property out with working hours. The service is managed from our own Alarm Receiving Centre which is manned 24/7.

Insurance compliant Systems

You should note that compliance with your insurance policy is essential and ignoring this will almost certainly affect any claim you may have. Our systems meet the level of compliance you require, and they provide essential data which can be shared in support of any claim.

Staying informed all of the time

Temporary alarm systems are an effective and popular solution. Not only to protect against vandalism and intrusion but also monitor weather damage. The SPS battery operated Alarm system  can have over 48 sensors, including flood, smoke, door and window sensors. Remote monitoring from our ARC then ensures we, and subsequently you, are fully appraised of any issues that need to be addressed.

We also offer a comprehensive maintenance service, should you require repairs or replacements.

So, this Winter, let SPS monitor the security screens so that you can enjoy the drama you choose on your television screen.

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