Last week marked the beginning of National Home Security Month where the topic was door security. 

It’s no surprise that home security is a big topic this year and while many of us have spent more time indoors, there’s no reason to assume our homes are safe from home intrusion in 2020. Here’s why:

Social media window shopping

  • With more of us posting our lockdown passtimes and therefore our homes online, burglars are effectively given the opportunity to pick and choose what they want before breaking in, from valuables on your shelves to bikes and cars in the driveway. Netflix binging? Be sure to post your 60” inch TV on your post and let intruders plan how they are going to carry it out of your home
  • Living by the new restrictions, we’re sure to take to social channels to post when we do eventually leave the house and meet with friends from another household – thus leaving a window of time and opportunity for intruders to make their move
  • Tagging your location of where you live makes the lives of burglars much easier

False sense of security

  • Living in a household with a few people can create a false sense of security when we make assumptions based on the fact that we are all home most of the time and that alone protects the property
    • ‘They must have locked the back door, they were the last one in that room’
    • ‘They wouldn’t leave their bedroom window open, it’s too cold’
  • Having spent so much time indoors, our routines are somewhat disrupted and simply remembering to lock doors and close windows may slip your mind
  • Just because someone is home, doesn’t mean the property is secure – if a door or window is left open/unlocked in one unoccupied part of the house, the risk remains
  • Don’t assume intruders will give consideration to lockdown restrictions – in fact, they may use them to their advantage and hope you’ve relaxed your measures

The facts

  • Burglaries happen at all hours of the day regardless of who might be home
  • Intrusions are just as common in the summer as they are in the winter
  • Renters are more likely to be broken into than homeowners

With all that said, we’re turning to the topic of National Home Security Month Week 1 – door security.

Securing your home with various systems is the obvious advice but when it comes to doors, specifically communal doors, there are a few options to consider. Much like those in fully occupied homes during lockdown, those living in shared accommodation often have a false sense of security, specifically those living on higher levels, where access to open windows etc. is limited.

However it’s important to note that even a communal entrance can be targeted by intruders, who when they get a foot in the door open themselves up to many opportunities:

  • Counting mailboxes to determine how many properties are in the building
  • Noting names of residents should they have access to their social media or know the person and are interested in specific items
  • Monitoring the building to determine when residents are home and when they are not

How does this happen?

  • Entering the building when others enter or exit i.e. delivery drivers
  • Buildings are not secured properly and have no communal door system

So as a landlord, property management company or factor, what do you need to do to protect the property?

  • Install a communal door system which accommodates the needs of all residents. A few options are:
    • Keypad/Code entry
    • Key entry
    • Fob entry
  • Ensure access is limited to those who live in the building and that codes/fobs are only issued to those people and other trusted personnel – i.e carers, family members of vulnerable residents
  • CCTV can also compliment communal door systems to ensure for maximum security and to allow residents to identify who is entering the property at all times.
    • Should someone gain entry and an intrusion occurs, CCTV will also help to determine their identity
  • Arrange a DoorCare maintenance package to ensure the system is working efficiently and repairs will be tended to as soon as possible

The biggest takeaway from this week’s topic and throughout National Home Security Month is not to make assumptions based on how often you are at home, how many people live in the household and the bizarre circumstances we find ourselves in this year. Theft continues regardless of any of these factors and securing doors cuts intruders off at the first point of entry. Get in touch to discuss your specific requirements today – don’t wait because intruders won’t either.


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