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In a year of unprecedented circumstances, It’s hard to predict what is going to happen next and with our lives and routines changing dramatically, it’s no surprise that our attitude towards protecting our homes has also changed.

Spending more times at home means leaving the house less and therefore less worry over locking doors and securing our home but as we’ve discussed in previous blogs, the threat is still very much there.

shutterstock_1564153So in light of this,  it’s fair to say we need to be even more diligent and clever when it comes to security. While we may feel more relaxed, we still need to be alert.

It’s also worth noting that a lockdown lifestyle may have actually brought about the need for even more security measures – here’s why:

  • With not much else to do, many people invested in new gardening equipment, lawnmowers and even new sheds – all of which require some form of security
  • The work from home set up is not for everyone and in the hope of maintaining a work-life balance, many people built out-houses and garden rooms or repurposed existing garden sheds to provide an obvious change of scenery between work and home life – these also need to be secured
  • A place to escape to , a ‘man cave’, a man-made bar to replace the many hospitality venues forced to close – again security is needed
  • The new bikes you bought to keep fitness levels up – garages, and again sheds, require protection

When it comes to home security, it’s not just the main property you need to consider and intruders are hoping that in a year where people may be more relaxed about home security and leaving their home less, that you’ve forgotten to secure outbuildings.


So how do we outsmart intruders?

  • Be prepared – secure outbuildings with locks
  • Be alert – if your outbuilding is used for work and you have expensive equipment inside, you might consider an alarm system
  • Be obvious – there’s no need to wait for a break-in to be attempted – install lighting sensors or CCTV to deter intruders in the first instance
  • Be supported – allowing a team of experienced professionals to install, maintain and/or monitor your measures will be a blessing in both the short and long term
  • DON’T be an option
    • make sure your house isn’t the obvious choice; don’t appear vulnerable and unprotected – use the above measures along with signage to alert intruders to your security measures
    • don’t make a habit of posting about your property and outbuildings/expensive equipment too often – it’s no surprise that people are often broken into by people who know of them and the assets they own

Being smart when it comes to security means being on top of things, knowing what needs to be secured and how. It also means:

  • Reviewing measures regularly to determine if they need to be updated
  • Regular maintenance checks to review functionality
  • Considering every property you own and not just the one you consider home

If you require assistance with any of the above recommendations, we’re happy to help.

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