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Week Four of National Home Security Month focused on smart security.

Smart security enables us to remotely lock our homes, control indoor/outdoor lighting and monitor CCTV. But what happens when there is an intruder, you are hundreds of miles from home and your property has been broken into or vandalised? What happens when your device is in another room or out of battery or you have no signal/WIFI and don’t receive the alert? Whether it’s your own home or an additional vacant property, these are all circumstances that could arise, and you may wonder why you didn’t partner with a reliable company, which could offer a property protection plan.

As we always say, you yourself are wise to use the latest security measures but so are the intruders who are planning to break in. While anyone can install all the preventative measures in the world, having a supportive team of people to monitor these systems is crucial.

unspecifiedFor vacant properties, you should be using SPS Steel to stop them entering or an ARC (response centre) to monitor CCTV or alarm systems.  Perhaps even use guards – not just for peace of mind, but also for insurance reasons.  All of these services are available within a few hours of a call with SPS.  So, while you may be far from home or are miles away from the property that needs that protection, our team never stops and will have your property secure within two hours.

Remember, your security may be smart, but the intruders may be smarter.

shutterstock_582999007Don’t get us wrong, smart security is beneficial to many and brings a level of convenience and reassurance, especially to those securing the home that they live in and perhaps holiday homes too. However, for vacant properties, we believe it is necessary to have physical inspections from an actual individual and a team of people.

This is where our 24/7 call handling  and response teams can contribute to the safety of your property. If on inspection, your property has been broken into, vandalised or damaged by weather, our emergency call handling team will dispatch the relevant people to repair/re-secure the building.

Next, we’ll be discussing the many ways that property intrusion can come in many guises – at SPS, we always recommend scheduled inspections because we know unwanted intrusions don’t just come from people; water, vermin, fire and wind are all credible risks that can affect the integrity of an empty building.  Only regular scheduled inspections will ensure that the damage that these risks cause  is minimised.


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