Tackling overflowing bins in 2022

Last year, we discussed the increase in littering and fly tipping as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This was largely down to people socialising outdoors in public places, such as parks and leaving litter on the grounds, either due to simple disregard for their surroundings or because of overflowing rubbish bins in public spaces.

Picture 1Fly-tipping and increase in rubbish disposal saw an increase as lockdown purchases to cure boredom came with excessive packaging and old items and belongings were thrown out in the incorrect manner. Those forced to stay indoors also found themselves renovating homes or doing more frequent clear outs as a result of the pandemic and all of this resulted in a crisis which could not be tackled by a reduced workforce removing litter and emptying bins in residential areas.

As we enter 2022, the same issue appears to be causing concern again. Shortages in staffing due to COVID-19, mean bins are overflowing yet again and the knock-on effects are not going unnoticed.

The aftermath of New Year’s Eve is having a severe effect across the country with thousands of recycling bins yet to be emptied. Discarded Christmas trees also line the streets this week as people throw them away, ready for the new year.

It’s no surprise that an excess of rubbish comes with various consequences:

  • Appearance of external area in public places and around residential buildings is affected
  • Overflowing bins carry unpleasant odours
  • Odours attract vermin
  • Anti-social behaviour increases
  • Long-term environmental issues can be caused by excessive littering/fly tipping
  • Landlords may receive increased complaints from tenants
  • Health and safety/fire hazards are created when roads/property entrances are blocked by bins or discarded items

environmental servicesSo, what can we do to help?

Our same-day response can clear affected areas quickly and send reports to record this, confirming health and safety of residents is no longer compromised and order is restored. We’re situated to provide assistance across the UK. If you’re concerned about the area surrounding your property, and require bins to be emptied or large items to be uplifted, get in touch today.

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