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One of the biggest responsibilities when re-letting a property is ensuring it is up to a certain standard in terms of cleanliness, functionality and general appearance.

For example, imagine your building is for commercial use, meaning communal working areas, reception areas, staff facilities and entrance systems need to be ready before the new tenant starts to move their company in.


For landlords, a vacant property is exactly what they want to avoid and any long changeover time between tenants is only an opportunity to lose money. Therefore, we make it our priority to keep this to a minimum.

While regular inspections throughout the tenancy can reduce the work and repairs needed when it ends, there will always be a need to bring the property back to a certain standard before allowing new tenants to move in.

Making sure the property is up to this standard will also ensure complaints from new tenants are kept to a minimum, ultimately making your role as their landlord much easier. It is also important to undergo this process to avoid long-term damage to the property and when dealing with security deposits from the former tenants.



As with any move, the belongings and furniture etc. move in before the tenants themselves and being able to offer this as soon as possible will only ease the moving process and allow you to start the new lease as soon as possible after the last one ends.

On average, SPS receives 5500 calls a week. Many of these calls relate to repairs, cleans, reactive security.  We despatch teams across the UK from our seven depots, responding to an average of 640 clean and clear orders a month and in excess of 350 security events a week. While we supply and install our own SPS Communal Doors, we also perform repairs up and down the country averaging 100 doors a month.

No matter what the requirement, we have teams across the UK, aiming for same day response or next day at the very latest, working towards a 100% order accuracy delivering, 24/7 services every day of the year.

Currently sitting at a less than 0.001% complaint rate but understand that even one complaint is an opportunity for improvement

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