For almost five years now, we have been the response centre for Safe Places, a very important scheme, which ensures that the residents of North Yorkshire Council are safe at all times.

Should residents ever feel uncertain, vulnerable, concerned, they are to make their way to a Safe Place, found throughout North Yorkshire and call our dedicated helpline. We will support that person, in ensuring that their 1st responder reaches them and that they feel safe again.

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We are delighted to announce we are now an official sponsor for the Safe Places National Network. The Safe Places Scheme offers individuals a secure location, signposted by the Safe Places logo should they get lost or become confused when venturing out on their own. However, there are many important aspects of the scheme and we are involved in everything from registration of Safe Places to responding to calls.

Our involvement in this scheme includes provision of a dedicated helpline, supported by specially trained staff and procurement of all Safe Places promotional items such as the cards and the wristband, all uniquely identified.

We are also involved in registering Safe Places and sending out welcome packs, issuing all member packs, bands and cards, ensuring we have all the relevant contact information and communicating over all platforms.

We are extremely proud to help to provide this service and look forward to continuing a partnership with Safe Places through our now official sponsorship.

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