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At SPS we are proud of all our people, they are diligent, honest and they’re always keen to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction.  However, every once in a while we see an individual who excels and goes the extra mile to help.

Partly through a sense of duty and partly through trust in his own instinct, Andy McKay, an operator in our Alarm Response Centre (ARC), saw somebody on the monitors that he suspected was in trouble.  Acting on instinct, Andy just knew from his gut-feeling that his ‘suspicion’ had some merit and quickly reviewed what he had seen on the monitors.  I transpired that an elderly, frail and disabled gentleman on an estate in London had fallen and was having difficulty getting back up.

Not wasting any time, Andy called an ambulance and continued to monitor him closely until he knew the gentleman had been attended to and was safe in the care of the ambulance crew.  We believe Andy is a true hero, his diligence ensured a vulnerable elderly citizen got adequate care in a very timely manner.  We are proud of Andy and thank him for his continued hard work in the Alarm Response Centre.

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