Firstly, keep well and safe and follow the rules from our Government.

Contingency plans are being tested now, and people’s ability to adapt in a changing environment is remarkable and necessary. At times like these, the operational aspects of the business are being managed but don’t forget the security of your property.

So, how do you do this and what do you need to know? 

shutterstock_102697103In the current situation your building could be left vacant in the short-term, but you also need to think longer term now, until the number of cases stops climbing.

We used to close up regularly over weekends, bank holidays and for planned closures one day a week for example, but this has changed now and you can’t afford to ignore basic security measures on all your buildings no matter what size they are.

We know there is a lot to consider right now, so here’s our quick checklist for ensuring your building is secure throughout this time.

  • CHECK IT – get a professional inspection carried out at regular intervals. Some insurers have increased their requirements to inspect regularly ie up to twice a week, others have stretched the requirements to 2 months or longer – don’t get caught out and CHECK IT using our inspection service throughout the UK
  • SECURE IT – void for longer than 30 days – get it secured, even if you were planning to sell the property, the procurement of property has stopped and possibly for a long time, but when the time is right you want to sell that property in the best looking condition, so securing it rather than having it looted/broken into is your best option
  • WATCH IT  – CCTV – monitored remotely with quick response time
  • FIX YOUR ACCESS CONTROL SYSTEM – you don’t want this to be a weak point to your building
  • ALARM IT – temporary systems, even alarms are getting difficult to obtain but our stocks across 8 regions in the UK means we can secure your site, start monitoring it from the moment you give us the order and monitor it immediately
  • CALL IT OUT – Outsourced Call Handling  has probably been taken care of by now, however if you are struggling to manage 24/7 with just a few people, give them a break and use our switchboard service available 24.7, staffed by over 50 people day and night.

IMG_1183While you may have some of these measures in place just now, you may not be used to your property being left vacant for an extended period of time and certain processes may need to be intensified.

Ultimately, we want to give you peace of mind that your place of work/asset will be looked after and will be ready for your return to work.

If you’re concerned about the security of your property at this time, arrange an inspection and we will advise you on the best possible solution.

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