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Did you know not all security measures are permanent? Or rather, that they don’t need to be.

While it’s important to have a reliable plan in place to protect your property, there is often a good argument to install temporary measures for shorter periods of time, which are then removed when they have served their purpose.

So, why might you do this?

  • Your site/property is temporarily vacant
  • Your property is under construction
  • Your business is operating differently
  • Seasonal changes affect your requirements

shutterstock_96855055Often, when a site is vacant for a period of time, a business is closed or operating on a flexible schedule or it is within a public holiday period, there is a need to put in place temporary measures you wouldn’t otherwise use. These may include:

  • Fencing to protect properties under construction and restrict entry
  • CCTV Towers for large vacant sites
  • Guarding when permanent staff are unavailable/staff are working out of hours
  • Lighting/sensor alarms during darker months of the year
  • Temporary use of an ARC to monitor your site and react to disruption when necessary

The difference between temporary and permanent measures is, that while all of the above measures can be installed as fixed solutions, they may only be needed in the aforementioned circumstances.

That said, it’s important to understand the fixed measures needed to ensure a reliable and robust security plan, year-round

This may include:

  • CCTV – for the safety of your assets/residents
  • Alarms – to alert occupants/deter intruders
  • Communal Door Systems – to restrict access to authorised personnel/residents
  • Use of an ARC – for peace of mind, 24/7, 365 days a year

shutterstock_109961819All of which can put your mind at ease and ensure you are not solely responsible for the safety of your property and/or residents. While it is your duty, it is not always possible to be available at all times, especially if you manage/own multiple properties – this applies to both commercial and residential assets.

Get in touch to discuss your requirements – we provide property and people solutions and can start the process by reviewing your current measures.

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