National Home Security Month

Week 2 – Front door security


Last week, we discussed the typical misconceptions around home security, which relates nicely to this week’s theme – unlocked doors!


It’s surprising that “5% of burglaries take place due to an unlocked door” (National Home Security Month) – or is it? While many believe a standard home alarm is the very pinnacle of home security, they also forget to lock their front door.


Many forget to lock their door both during the day and at night – why is this?


  • Because it doesn’t seem necessary during the day
  • Because we were only popping out for ten minutes
  • Because we forget
  • Because we have an alarm
  • Because we have a big dog


What can you do to fully secure your home?


  • Update locks, replacing old ones which may not be as reliable
  • Install CCTV cameras outside your home
  • Consider communal entrance systems (for shared accommodation)


shutterstock_96855061If you’re home is vacant (holiday/seasonal homes, homes under constructions etc.) You need:

  • CCTV
  • Fencing/Barricades
  • Steel security
  • Video Verification Alarms

With the many security measures available to us today, it is easy to forget the more basic and traditional methods of securing our homes. For this reason, if you’re going to consider any modern-day security installations, you should choose something that may deter but also identify intruders, such as CCTV. Alarms are great deterrents, which will alert you if a break-in happens while you’re asleep. And while the standard front door lock is not the peak of home security, it’s still important to make use of them.

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