Never has it been more important to have a phone call

Shirley Duffus, MD of SPS, would like to share with you some call centre tips,  and how best to look after your tenants, in these strange and difficult times.  Many of you will be doing this already.  We hope you find this useful.


  • It is a personal thing, your actions make people feel connected, it is also a physical “check-in” and allows you to talk through options
  • If you are a landlord, especially a social housing landlord, you might find this useful
  • It’s so important to speak to people right now. Here are some tips we have gathered which you might find helpful:


Ongoing Communications with tenants

Have a consistent message is so important. Lead from the front, have a top down approach with your internal and external communications. Ensure that it reaches those that need it most: for example, those that have a supported living situation or are vulnerable in some way.

Growing demand on selected helpines:

ASB, Domestic Abuse and Childcare lines – phone calls will increase

Rent calls & credit lines – calls will increase as people need help and support

These helplines WILL be busy, so make sure you have resources in place to accommodate this.



What do you need to plan for?

Complains line– complaints will come, and you need to be ready. There will be a difference in opinion about what is urgent and what is not and appointment slots will be lacking.  Have your key messages ready so you can reduce frustration.

Shielding help lines – needed now, to signpost people to the right support available

COVID help lines – food parcels, supplies, prescriptions, advice. BE READY and prepare your scrips now.

Shielding Helplines

Short term, dedicated phone lines that:

  • Give that person direct access to support
  • Give them immediate help to find food, or support them mentally if they feel they cannot go on
  • Have this line set up so that your dedicated team can respond by call or email, available to certain times of day. Use SPS at night and at the weekend.

This helpline is intended to let people know there is Immediate help available: delivery of food parcels, support given, guidance on the next actions to take to get more help


Keep in touch

By phone, contact those on your vulnerable list, your high-risk groups and self-isolating people and check-in on how they are then record it on the system.

They will welcome a check-up call as they are alone, and afraid.

If a repair is needed now or in the next week, it is those people that are vulnerable and afraid that won’t let you in, so keeping in touch with them will help.

Scripting – Be prepared to amend them weekly.


Quick Summary on how SPS can help 
  • Dedicated lines
  • Take calls earlier, hand back later
  • Be spoke scripting
  • 24/7 support
  • Reactive response
  • Intelligent management information and reporting

Shielding support lines – dedicated with tried and tested scrips

Complaints line – remember the power of a phone call, use us to gather information, categorise and send immediately or work to your timelines

Use SPS as a Multi trade contractor.



Stay safe everyone


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