Last weekend, the Sunday Times noted the increase of intrusions on commercial properties, stating a “transferral of vulnerability”, with the focus shifting away from domestic properties, as the country enters another week of lockdown.

With more and more people in isolation and homes constantly occupied, non-essential businesses, closed due to Government guidelines, become the vulnerable party, with shops, restaurants and hairdressers frequently targeted by opportunist intruders.

So what can you do to ensure your business is secure and as you left it, when you finally return to a somewhat normal routine?

  • Steel Security – a preventative measure and an effective deterrent, fitted without removing or damaging  existing windows or doors
  • CCTV – again a deterrent, but also a great way to capture footage of those who still attempt a break in
  • Inspections – make these more frequent, with weekly or even daily check-ups to ensure everything is in order
  • Alarms – have your alerts sent to our ARC and have peace of mind that they will be responded to quickly and efficiently

While you may be in isolation, our essential services are there to ensure you don’t feel vulnerable when it comes to your property and place of work.

Vacant properties don’t have to vulnerable and your isolation and health does not have to be compromised – stay home and let us handle it.

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