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Although the “Stay At Home” rule has been a constant in our lives for many months, there are plenty of opportunists who will attempt break-ins regardless of whether you are home or not. The same goes for shared offices and accommodation, with a particular emphasis on corporate spaces. As restrictions ease, we may see more footfall in offices again and while some offices may still operate with a smaller staff in different shift patterns/with a rotating team of staff, there is still a threat to these properties.

Why might they be more vulnerable?

  • Different people will be in charge of door security/admitting entry to the building
  • Staff groups will continue to change frequently causing confusion as to who has access to the building and when
  • Shift times will differ
  • Regular or familiar couriers and delivery drives may not be known by staff who have been working remotely

So, what can we do to secure our properties and corporate spaces?

Well, it all starts at the entrance – the first opportunity to gain access to the property.

  • Consider a Communal Door system
    • By keypad, intercom, fob or key entry
  • Allocate the task of admitting people to the building to dedicated staff members
  • Consider OOH guarding for security purposes when staff are working night shifts
  • Consider CCTV to identify those who are trying to enter the building/those who have access to the building and when


3I2A9583-2Communal door systems not only improve security but also the appearance of your shared office entrance, as it does shared accommodation. Those looking to gain unauthorised access to a building will often consider hours out-with the typical working day, so it is important to secure your building if staff are working OOH, with CCTV, door systems, efficient lighting in external areas and guarding if necessary.

Even as restrictions ease, agile working will be a constant part of our working lives, so it is important to consider how best to secure commercial properties now.

The maintenance of doors and door systems is just as important as the installation, to ensure the use of such products runs smoothly. DoorCare maintenance is available on all doors, not just SPS doors and ensures your entrance is maintained and in good condition and that systems are functioning as they should be.

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