It would be hard not to notice the ever-changing weather we’ve been experiencing in the UK, especially the significant snowfall in England and Wales. And while this can be catalyst for many things – wearing more layers, drinking hot beverages and constructing an army of snowmen, it should also be a wake-up call when it comes to your security.

Current times leave more sites without protection giving opportunist intruders more time to plan and execute their plans, it also put a spotlight on the security which you think you can manage without but as time goes on…. You really cant.

shutterstock_109981793Far too many opportunities exist for potential for break-ins, theft, vandalism and Intruders will be hoping the dramatic change in weather distracts you long enough to leave properties unattended or even more vulnerable as extreme weather takes over. They will be willing to bet that travelling to your vacant property is not as easy as usual and that your guard will be down.

There are in fact two potential intruders to look out for in these circumstances. Those that react quickly and those that plan and wait.

The distraction of heavy snowfall may encourage reactive intruders to make a bold move while for those that have a careful plan in place, the snow provides the perfect opportunity to execute it.

So what can you do?

Be prepared.

D02-0There is nothing either of these intruders can do as long as you are prepared. Having measures in place and being proactive will go a long way in ensuring the threat to your property is minimal.

  • CCTV TOWERS – Monitored remotely, with 360 views and light, motion and noise detectors, these towers provided a fully comprehensive method of monitoring your vacant property/site. If a break in is attempted, they will also record the incident.
  • Guarding – Having people on site 24/7, although more difficult in harsh weather, is certainly a deterrent for those attempting an intrusion
  • Fencing/Barricades – Efficient measures such as these mean that their opportunity is decreased dramatically and you lower the chances of properties being vandalised or damaged and equipment being stolen or broken

for caitlinThese are just a few measures to consider but first and foremost, you must consider what you are already doing to protect your assets and what more you can do. Are you prepared for all circumstances? Are you ready for every aspect of the ever changing and unpredictable British weather? Have you considered every entry point/opportunity and the deterrents you have in place to ensure your property isn’t even a possibility let alone a target? Property inspections go a long way in determining all of the above and are a perfect first step to ensuring your property is ready to weather the storm no matter what the circumstance.

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