We cannot stress enough the importance of installing and maintaining a full security system to secure your property, especially those that are void, dilapidated or condemned.

Physical security such as SPS steel will prevent intruders,  but an appropriate security system monitored 24/7 compliments the physical barrier to entry.  Our customers felt the benefit of such systems last week when the direct action taken by our ARC prevented intrusion and damage of two properties and importantly, resulted in the arrests of two men.

The facts:

Last Thursday, our ARC received an activation at a void pub in Grimsby and while the two intruders were able to break into the grounds, our steel security prevented them breaking into the property. We dispatched our team to investigate but also called the police as we could see the perpetrators on site and it was obvious on their intent.  Our team arrived before the police and with the help of our ARC, were able to locate the two men, who were now hiding. The two men were taken into custody.

Our services are designed around both property and people.  This was another proud moment for SPS, following the life-saving incident the week before when our ARC called an ambulance after noticing a vulnerable disabled man had fallen and was unable to get back on his feet.

We are also delighted to announce the latest winner and nominees for the remarkable people prize for the month of April.

The winner was Victoria Greavey, Co-Ordinator from our Property Services Department.

Other nominees were, Nick Dunlop, Regional Account Manager for Scotland, Sue Litterick, Systems Administrator and Ben Drummond from the Alarm Receiving Centre.


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