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There is lots going on at SPS, see below

Firstly, all SPS teams,  from Aberdeen to Bournemouth, have been busy, so we say  BIG THANK YOU too all our customers, old and new.

It’s a pleasure to be working with you.


Contract News


We are delighted to announce the start of two major contracts in one month, on the same day, at the same time.  One month in, both clients are delighted with the service and performance.  The ability to launch two big contracts on the same day and ensure a continuity of services to our large portfolio of existing clients is testament to the str
ength and depth of the SPS business and the quality of our people.  Nearly 30 years of experience has enabled us to
build the resources, processes and expertise that attract great quality clients like the two we have recently welcomed aboard.


Extremes – Are you managing your risk?

Extreme’s of any kind can be damaging.  When it comes to weather you need to be prepared.  Whilst the recent extreme weather changes may benefit your garden, they can create problems.  SPS Gardeners , maintenance and SPS Pest Control teams have had to deal with unprecedented changes in conditions, sometimes on an hourly basis.

Our response centre is quiet one hour and then sees a 200% increase in calls the next hour. Such has been the demand, on all our teams we have brought forward our seasonal contingency plans by 3 months to ensure adequate resources are deployed as and when they are required.


Are you covered? Do you have a contingency plan?

Planning should also be high on your priorities.  The recent weather conditions highlight just how quickly things can change and the need to plan for the such diverse conditions in the future.  Having a contingency plan in place will greatly reduce the negative impact of severe and extreme climate changes.  SPS would be delighted to help you with long and short term Risk Management plans. We will provide a solution and a peace of mind that you and your insurance company will enjoy; indeed, many of our clients have SPS Response Centre referenced in their Business continuity plans for peace of mind.


Void re-let times – How does 3 days sound?
We know from experience that normal void time is between 10 to 15 days.  Not with SPS.  We can get you to 3, yes 3!  Regardless of the requirements, we will reduce your void periods.  As well as normal clear and clean services, we often deal with high risk properties requiring garden clearances, trims, maintenance and back-filling holes.  We don’t stop, we get it done.


We started two new contracts last month, and we continue to deliver to our target turnaround of 3 days.  We deliver on a promise, so your properties are ready faster and right first time.



Good communication is the essence of great service

Great service starts with excellent communication, so if we know what you want, our property services team will delivery.  Of course, communication is a two way street, so we will keep you informed every step of the way; if we find something broken on site, we’ll fix it and send you before and after pictures d4aaa8c6-a950-4e74-b02c-f7ccf6685d15so you can clearly see the action taken.  Be it a hazardous item –  we’ll clear it away and sanitise the area. If it’s an internal door, we’ll repair or replace it.  SPS is truly, a comprehensive, one-stop property service.

Insurance compliant inspections

What does that mean?  Ask yourself – is the property secure, without risk of harm to visitors – even the unwanted kind?   Have the combustibles been removed?  Is it being checked?   We are experts in securing properties, void or occupied.  We perform letterbox seals, steel security and void alarms backed-up with  daily, weekly or fortnightly inspections.  We will make your property insurance compliant.  Try us and join the long list of satisfied clients who have peace of mind that their building is secure and insurance compliant.


Communal doors to suit the location

From the North of Scotland to the South of England, our communal doors provide a welcoming secure access point to your block of flats;  tenants enjoy easy access, whilst unwanted visitors are kept at bay.  Last month we installed 20 doors in one block in Bournemouth; on our advice, special coatings were applied to make the doors last longer in the seaside location, that’s the level of support and service we provide every day.

And finally…

Some performance stats for you –

Complaints v calls. Less than 0.000001% complaints

  • Feedback is recorded for every part of the business and its at its lowest levels ever, despite the staff having to cope with extremes in weather
  • 98% customer satisfaction scores
  • 15% increase in nominations for awards
  • 9300 minutes of training carried out last month, keeping satisfaction levels high.
  • Staff retention is at its highest level ever, with referrals from colleagues making it difficult for the management team to say “no”

These numbers are good, however just one complaint is bad and we’ll treat it as an opportunity to make an improvement because someone was let down, that’s something we don’t like.



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