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Open all hours, giving you 24/7 security, available for your any time of the day or night, so what can we learn from our favourite Christmas songs?


We’re fast approaching the festive season now and while it is a great time to celebrate and enjoy the festivities with friends and family, we still have the responsibility of ensuring our businesses and people are safe and secure during this vulnerable time of year.


What can we learn from our favourite festive songs?


Rocking around the CCTV

It’s no surprise that CCTV is one of the most popular methods of security. Perhaps the best thing about it is that you can conduct business as usual, with peace of mind that your extra set of eyes is securing the building.

You can also rest easy knowing that CCTV provides 24/7 security, 365 days a year – these systems don’t take a day off at Christmas.

CHECKLIST – check your cameras are being monitored – don’t take the risk


It’s the most wonderful tower of the year

Perhaps you work in a less corporate space, with your business operating from a warehouse of construction site?

SPS CCTV Towers bring a new level (or should we say height) of security, giving you 360 degree views, 2 way audio and fence line protection and detection. Use them in conjunction with guards – or not (they don’t need any extensive guarding) and be sure that your security measures are at the highest level of sophistication during the festive season and beyond.

CHECKLIST – does your tower work off mains or battery, make sure there is fuel available over the Xmas shut down

shutterstock_149082788Last Christmas I gave you my ARC

Many businesses forget that at this busy time of year, there are options to outsource, especially when it comes to security.

Should there be an intrusion on your property, we will quickly respond, contacting the necessary authorities and dispatching teams to re-secure the property.

Don’t forget that an efficient ARC can relieve a lot of stress at this (or any) time of year!

CHECKLIST – Have you saved SPS 24/7 telephone number 08457 62 65 42


Dreaming of a quiet Christmas

 With the help of robust security measures and a reliable ARC you can have just that.

Even if our very efficient alarms are triggered by a break-in, we respond to the alert, leaving you time to enjoy the festive season.

The good thing is that they work wonders in scaring off intruders before further damage of theft occurs and allow us to efficiently re-secure the property as quickly as possible.

CHECKLIST – Check SPS has your escalation details so we don’t bother you if something activates – let us take care of it for you

To ensure a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year, consider the benefits of updating and improving your security measures now!

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